Internal Structure Optimization of Ball Mill

The ball mill internal structure includes the lining board, grate bar, partition board, feeding and discharging device inside the cylinder of the milling equipment and the spare parts in the internal structur e of ball mills will has a great impact on the output of the ball making machine and product quality.

  1. Improve the partition board and discharging grate bar

Choose the partition board and discharging grate bar with screening function to screen the materials that go into the fine grinding cabin and create condition for the fine grinding cabin to use micro grinding media with big specific area and high grinding efficiency. New partition board has such functions as controlling the material flow and balancing the crushing capacity of the grinding cabins and improving the classification of the coarse and fine particles.

  1. Apply classification lining board

The classification lining board can realize classification of the grinding media inside the grinding chamber and form the ideal state of big balls grinding big materials and small balls grinding small materials, thus balancing the crushing ability and the grinding ability.

  1. Add revitalite device

Revitalite device can bring the grinding potential of the grinding mill into full play, strengthen the grinding ability and greatly improve the grinding efficiency. The main structure of the revitalite device is to add the ladder-shaped device that has a certain angle with the axial direction of the grinding mill on the lining board of the grinding mill.

  1. Properly accelerate the rotating speed of the grinding mill

Properly accelerate the rotating speed of the grinding mill is effective to the grinding mill with small diameter because the steel balls inside the grinding mill do not have powerful impact force, and after accelerating the rotating speed, the crushing ability of the grinding mills can be strengthened, thus improving the grinding efficiency.