How to turn stone powder into water-washed sand?

In the production line of stone processing plants, some small particles are often produced, which are collectively referred to as stone powder. In fact, the particle size of stone powder has generally reached the requirements of machine-made sand, but because of the high content of impurities, it is not used for construction sand and cannot sell at a good price in the market. So what is the simple and effective way to wash sand with stone powder? This is a problem that many users care about. Cleaning is a common and effective method to remove stone powder. However, washing the stone foam by washing not only wastes water resources, but also takes a lot of time. In fact, from the accessory stone powder processed by the stone factory to the “expensive as gold” water-washed sand, the distance between them is only one sand washing machine. Reasonable cleaning and impurity removal of stone powder and effective control of the content of stone powder can transform the originally low-priced and low-value stone powder into “washed sand”, the new favorite of construction.
What are the types of sand washing machines?
1. Wheel type weathered sand washing machine
(1) Production capacity: 30-300t/h; feed size ≦20mm.
(2) Features: suitable for washing sand with medium and low hardness materials.
2. Spiral weathered sand washing machine
(1) Production capacity: 100-350t/h, feed size: ≦1000mm.
(2) Features: One-time molding, cost saving, large output and high efficiency.
How much is a weathered sand washing machine?
The price of weathered sand washing machine varies according to the type, model, output, and manufacturer’s choice. As far as the above-mentioned equipment is concerned, there are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The equipment is advanced, the performance is good, the price will be higher, but the output is stable and the income is good. Henan Liming Heavy Industry produces various types of crushed stone related equipment, and can plan and build factories for users, and design production line schemes for free. The equipment types are complete and the quality is guaranteed. You can visit the factory, pick up and drop off by car, and the price is reasonable. You can consult in advance.