Does the machine-made sand have to be washed?

Machine-made sand is sand processed after a series of processes such as crushing, sand making, and screening. It can be widely used in highways, housing construction, railways, and bridge construction. It is the most commonly used sand in the sand and gravel market. Material, then after the machine-made sand is produced, must it be washed with water? Here to tell everyone, not necessarily. In actual production, the choice of wet or dry sand making depends on the area and water resources, the cleanliness of the raw materials, and the content of aggregates, artificial sand powder, fineness modulus, etc. Specific requirements should be selected based on their own production conditions.

Comparison of wet sand making and dry sand making
The equipment used in the two processes is the same, that is, the coarse crusher, the fine crusher and the sand making machine are the main parts. Both are aimed at higher sand quality and conform to the construction sand standard.
Wet method: Simply put, the sand production line is equipped with a sand washing machine to wash off the powder and reduce the soil content. The finished product has high cleanliness and good look and feel. It is suitable for rainy and water-rich areas in the south. .
Dry method: The powder separator is used to separate the sand and powder, and the dust will also be collected. It is not affected by the season, and there is no need to treat sewage later, which can save a lot of costs. It is more suitable for places with water shortages or Environmental protection requirements are not Very high place.