To Analyze the Importance of Adjustment Device of Jaw Crusher

As a familiar stone crushing machinery used to crush and process ore, the jaw crusher is a kind of very important ore crushing machine in the gravel production line, which is of big crushing ratio and can be used to crush the ore with high hardness. As is known to all, there is the adjustment device of the ore crushing machine, which will be introduced to you by Liming Heavy Industry.

There are two kinds of adjustment devices of the jaw crusher, used to adjust the particle size of the final product of a jaw crusher, which are gasket and the wedge block, the working principle of which is to rise the adjustment devices. What are the advantages of this kind of adjustment method of the jaw crusher?

With this kind of adjustment method, the particle size of the final product of the jaw crusher can be well adjusted because it can both increase the height of the guard plate of the jaw crusher and can guarantee the immobility of the fixed jaw plate of the jaw crusher, which can guarantee that the material inside the crushing cavity of the jaw crusher can not be discharged if its particle size can not meet the requirement. Click “Online Customer Service” for consultation, we will provide you with free production equipment solutions and quotes.