How to Choose Suitable Type of Jaw Crusher?

Nowadays jaw crushers on the market are numerous in variety, so how to choose a suitable model becomes a serious problem to consumers. Combining long-term experience and professional explanation, we sort out the principles for choosing jaw crushers, and hope these principles can work for you.

First, material properties. Before purchasing the jaw crusher, users should carefully analyze the nature of materials, sample the volume of material, and determine the large feed inlet and maximum feeding granularity of jaw crushers. Besides, users also should pay attention to testing humidity, viscosity and hardness of the material, and so on. Then according to the characteristics of the material itself, try to compare the separate advantages of different jaw crushers in a targeted manner.

Second, capacity. To choose the type jaw crusher according to the required capacity of crushing operations is an important principle of selecting jaw crusher. Different types of jaw crushers have different production capacity. Therefore, while choosing models, users should take production capacity into consideration according to the actual situation.

Third, the method. According to the different ways of applying force, methods of jaw crusher for crushing material can be divided into extrusion, bending, impact, cutting and grinding. As the particle shape is irregular, and different materials have different properties, so different materials have their own ways of crushing. When choosing a certain jaw crusher model, users should be sure to make complete analysis and comprehensive judgment based on multiple factors.

Above three kinds of jaw crusher is introduced for you as selection principles. However, other factors still exist in the actual selection, such as the price of the equipment, the requirement of fineness and motor’s power consumption, and so on. Click“Online Customer Service”for consultation, we will provide you with free production equipment solutions and quotes.