Gold Tailings Beneficiation Process and Experimental Research

First, ore sample is taken to the spiral chute, in which the sample is processed. Generally, it will be processed into three kinds of medium ore, coarse sand and fine mud, and then the coarse sand is used to select gold. The inlay of minerals and pyrite is very close, and the gold content of the ore samples is relatively small. After passing through the spiral chute, the coarse sand is processed in a grading manner so that its metal substances can be recovered. In the process of ore project, the most indispensable processing is shaker operation. After shaking processing, concentrate can be obtained, and finally into the leaching with low-grade gold,which can effectively recycle and use the fine gold and low-grade gold, and can process them again.

The middle ore produced during the processing through the spiral chute is rich in iron, sulfur and other substances, which does not meet the requirements for using it as a raw material for ceramic production. Therefore, it requires further removal of iron and sulfur minerals. Since iron minerals and sulfur minerals exist in their own forms, various removal schemes and processes can be adopted.
The first method is to carry out grinding ore treatment, followed by weak magnetic screening, after which the flotation can be carried out.
Another way is to select strong magnetic screening for it, and then give flotation after strong magnetic selection. After the entire process is completed, iron and sulfur minerals can be removed.

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