Global sand shortage

Sand is one of the world’s largest mined and traded resources. As sea levels rise and populations increase, land reclamation and urbanization will use more sand. By 2030, the United Nations Environment Programme predicts that the global The demand for stone will be close to 50 billion tons. The tension of sand resources will become more severe in the future.

Construction is the most widely used place for sand. The sand and gravel mining volume all over the world can reach up to about 50 billion tons per year, of which 30 billion tons are used in the construction industry, which constitutes the second largest human consumption after water in the natural resources. With the development of the construction industry and the emphasis on the quality of construction projects, the amount of sand used in the construction market is increasing, and the quality requirements are becoming higher and higher. However, there are fewer and fewer qualified natural sand resources, resulting in low engineering quality, and the problems of farmland destruction and water resources are becoming more serious. So artificial sand made from gravel or crushed stone is an alternative for sand resources.

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