What machine can be used for crushing granite?

Granite is a hard rock as well as a high-quality building stone. Granite has a uniform structure, beautiful color and hard texture. The machine-made sand made of granite can be used in the construction industry, such as high-speed railways, highways, airports, bridges, etc. Sand demand for facility construction.
Nowadays, artificial sand making is the development direction of most enterprises in the sand and gravel industry. The development of urban construction is increasing day by day. Granite is rich in resources and easy to mine. Therefore, granite sand is also a common production method of machine-made sand. The following is an introduction to the production of granite sand. Process and main sand making equipment:
Granite sand production process and sand making equipment
1. Vibrating feeder:
The feeder can effectively control the speed of granite transportation. The granite is conveyed to the jaw crusher quantitatively and evenly by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing;
2. Jaw crusher:
After the granite is transported to the jaw crusher, it is coarsely crushed by the jaw crusher, and the large pieces of granite are broken into small and medium granite stones;
3. Cone crusher:
The granite stones crushed by the jaw crusher are sent by the belt conveyor to the cone crusher for medium and fine crushing, and the finely crushed pebbles are sent to the sand making machine-made sand;
4. Sand making machine:
The sand making machine further crushes and shapes the stones crushed by the crusher, and processes them into finished machine-made sand. The machine-made sand is then screened by a vibrating screen, and those that do not meet the particle size requirements are returned to the sand-making machine for sand making. Send to the sand washing machine for cleaning if the particle size is required;
5. Sand washing machine:
The crushed granite machine-made sand is sent to the sand washing machine for the final cleaning process, and the excess stone powder, soil, dust and other impurities on the machine-made sand surface are cleaned to obtain clean, high-quality machine-made sand.