Some Methods to Solve the Problems Appearing in Sand Washing Process

The surface of the artificial sand is coarse, multiple-angles, and it can have one better combination between the aggregate and cement, so the strength of concrete made from artificial sand is better than that of the natural sand. Artificial sand is the main materials of the building construction and the road paving projects, and the artificial sand production cannot get rid of the sand processing equipment.

The main reason why the amount of sand is decrease or leaked is mainly owning to the two elements: damage of the screen or the loose of the solid bolt, and to pay attention to the examination and to upgrade the screen are one necessary if one situation like this is happening. The customers should notice the vibration and the loose of the bolt in bearing seat because the loose of it will lead to the problem of frame vibration of sand washing machine.

The gear of sand washing machine can be easily damaged, so the regular maintenance is necessary. To make the shaft of sand washing machine and the low-speed shaft of the reducer reach the provision can help to avoid the problem happening, welcome to our company to have a look and make a deal.

We are professional mineral ore processing equipment manufacturer, and today Liming experts will introduce the sand washing machine that being used in the sand production line for the sand washing, and our company certainly will tell you some methods to solve the problems appearing in the process. Click“Online Customer Service”for consultation, we will provide you with free production equipment solutions and quotes.