How to reduce the mud content of aggregate

The mud content is an important indicator for measuring the quality standard of building sand. Due to the low strength of the stone and excessive weathering interlayer, the mud content of the construction sand may be high and exceed the standard. And then the water demand will increase correspondingly, which will affect the workability, durability, workability and compressive strength of the concrete. In the case of construction sand shortage, how to reduce the mud content of aggregate is very important.

There are three main reasons for the excessive mud content of construction sand in the production process: the eccentric block without adjusting the vibrating screen, the quick-moving material on the vibrating screen, and the unreasonable arrangement of the plate drain pipe.



       1. Reduce the vibration frequency of the vibrating screen

According to the experimental investigation, if the four eccentric blocks are reduced, the residence time of the building aggregate on the screen increases from 30s to 120s, and the mud content of the aggregate is also reduced from 5.3% to 3.8%, mud content has been reduced.

2. Increase the slow ridge

Increasing the slow ridge can increase the residence time of the aggregate in the screen. According to experiments, after the increase of the slow ridge, the residence time increased from 90s to 150s, and the mud content decreased from 4.3% to 1.5%, and the mud content was significantly reduced.

3. add the drain pipe

You can reduce the mud content of the aggregate by adding drain pipe. According to the experimental results, after adding a drain pipe, the displacement has doubled, and the mud content has decreased from 1.5% to 1% to 1% to 0.2%, which can effectively reduce the mud content of the aggregate.


The above explains the reasons and solutions for the high mud content of construction sand. The production of machine sand can effectively alleviate the shortage of sand for construction. The mechanism sand production is not only energy efficient, but also meets the demand for construction sand. It has gradually become the main source of construction sand.

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