how should the crusher survive the winter safely?

In the production of stone materials, the crusher is the most commonly used equipment. It needs to be used for coarse crushing, fine crushing and stone shaping, and the wear of the equipment is also relatively large. Therefore, to ensure normal and continuous production, the daily maintenance of the crusher is very important, especially the winter maintenance work.


Crusher cleaning

Cleaning the appearance of the diesel engine, the chassis and the working device can play the role of descaling and decontamination. In the cleaning process, problems such as damage to various devices, components and oil leakage can be found, and the preliminary work for the next maintenance is carried out.  It is forbidden to use high-pressure and high-temperature water gun to flush parts with high waterproof requirements, especially electrical parts.


Oil’s selection and replacement

  The choice of fuel oil. In order to soften the diesel engine and reduce fuel consumption, diesel with a lower freezing point should be used.

The replacement of diesel engine oil. Diesel engine should use low temperature oil with low viscosity and high performance, and replace or clean the oil filter at the same time.

  Replace lubricants and grease. As the season changes, replace the gear oil in the transmission, transfer case, differential, and steering gear with gear oil for winter. Pay attention to cleaning when changing oil.

Maintenance of spare parts

It contains the maintenance of sand production line for diesel engine cooling system, the maintenance of electrical equipment and the maintenance of brake system.

Liming Heavy Industry here warmly reminds the majority of clients, winter is coming, we must do maintenance work in time!